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Legal Diversity Pipeline Program

Street Law, Inc.

High School
Type of Programs

Street Law’s Legal Diversity Pipeline Programs partner law firms and corporate legal departments with nearby, diverse high school classes. Through classroom visits and a field trip to the law firm or legal department, volunteers teach lessons and lead activities designed to increase students' knowledge and interest in the law and legal careers.

Template or Direct Join
Template, Direct Join

Small Team Friendly

Team Size

- There are Street Programs that are hosted by local professional organizations like ACC. Those do not have a team size requirement.
- It takes a minimum of 10-20 people to easily run a full corporate Street Law Program.

Time Commitment

- 1 hr for a classroom session
- 8 hrs for a full-day workshop
-The length of classroom visits varies based upon school. The length of the program varies depending upon the host organization’s and school’s calendars.


- $12k (year 1 sponsorship of Street Law, which covers Street Law matching the company with a partner high school and supporting the company's first Street Law Program, including in-person attendance from a Street Law program manager)
- $1k/year (year 2+ sponsorship to Street Law)
- costs per site based upon location. Sites should continue to budget internally for students transportation, meals, snacks, and swag if they want to give any out. SL requires at least two classroom visits and exploration of at least two legal topics from our library of lessons.

"Street Law was a great experience!"

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