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LSI Planning Group

Active Location

United States

Law School
Type of Programs
Mentorship, Classroom, Internship, Other

The Legal Summer Institute (LSI) is a unique in-house and law firm experience where underrepresented 2L law school students are invited to spend the first week of the program at Google Headquarters in Silicon Valley immersed in legal knowledge sessions followed by a full summer internship with one of our partner law firms around the country. LSI aims to improve access to in-house careers at tech companies by expanding opportunities and removing barriers for underrepresented talent in the legal industry.

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Small Team Friendly

Team Size

5 dedicated personnel + dozens of volunteers
- 45 to review applications
- 26 committed mentors
- 54 speakers/panelists
- 12 External Speakers

Time Commitment



Budget to pay 2Ls

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