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Measuring impact of our collective DEI efforts through the power of technology and data

ADAPT is excited to partner with Harrity & Harrity to bring standardization and transparency to how the patent profession measures diversity, equity and inclusion.  


ADAPT will combine data science teams from Google and other ADAPT members with Harrity’s domain expertise to publish and conduct empirical analysis of the state of the profession.


With input from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, ADAPT aims to


  • map the DEI landscape of the talent pipeline

  • better understand practical application of technical training to patent prosecution

  • better understand and measure the career path for patent agents 

  • and much more

ADAPT will open source the underlying data and methodology once established.


Stay tuned! 

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The state of DEI within the patent bar


Registered patent attorneys 

and patent agents are women

Registered patent attorneys and patent agents are racially diverse

Registered patent attorneys and patent agents are racially diverse women



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