TEALS (Technology Education and Learning Support)

Microsoft / TEALS


Active Location

Residency in the US or British Columbia, Canada

High School
Type of Programs

Microsoft Philanthropies TEALS (Technology Education and Learning Support) Program builds sustainable computer science (CS) programs in high schools, with a focus on serving students excluded from learning technical skills because of race, gender, or geography.

Template or Direct Join
Direct Join

Small Team Friendly

Team Size

At least one person to volunteer as a volunteer teacher/teacher assistant

Time Commitment

Volunteers participate in up to 40 hours of required summer training, collaborate with a teaching team to plan and deliver lessons, and receive guidance and support from a dedicated regional TEALS manager throughout the school year. TEALS teaches volunteers about the curriculum, classroom management strategies, pedagogical techniques, and the nuts and bolts needed to run a great CS class. Along with the volunteer’s teaching team, the volunteer will create a classroom plan and use our curriculum materials to plan the year.
• Preparation 1-3 hours every week for lesson planning and grading coursework (Prepare for teaching one of four CS courses (Intro to CS, AP CS Principles, AP CS A, or CS Topics)
• Instruction 2-3 hours every week in class, teaching both the teacher and students Easily fit volunteer hours into your schedule, teach classes before work Teach remotely or in person


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