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Legal Diversity Pipeline Program

Street Law, Inc.

High School
Type of Programs

Street Law’s Legal Diversity Pipeline Programs partner law firms and corporate legal departments with nearby, diverse high school classes. Through classroom visits and a field trip to the law firm or legal department, volunteers teach lessons and lead activities designed to increase students' knowledge and interest in the law and legal careers.

Template or Direct Join
Template, Direct Join

Small Team Friendly

Team Size

- There are Street Programs that are hosted by local professional organizations like ACC. Those do not have a team size requirement.
- It takes a minimum of 10-20 people to easily run a full corporate Street Law Program.

Time Commitment

- 1 hr for a classroom session
- 8 hrs for a full-day workshop
-The length of classroom visits varies based upon school. The length of the program varies depending upon the host organization’s and school’s calendars.


- $12k (year 1 sponsorship of Street Law, which covers Street Law matching the company with a partner high school and supporting the company's first Street Law Program, including in-person attendance from a Street Law program manager)
- $1k/year (year 2+ sponsorship to Street Law)
- costs per site based upon location. Sites should continue to budget internally for students transportation, meals, snacks, and swag if they want to give any out. SL requires at least two classroom visits and exploration of at least two legal topics from our library of lessons.

"Street Law was a great experience!"

Program Summary

Link to Street Law’s website with more information

Street Law’s Legal Diversity Pipeline Program is a collaboration between Street Law and a corporate legal department or a law firm. Street Law will locate a local high school with a high percentage of underrepresented students. The corporate legal department or the law firm will teach lessons and lead workshops that are designed to show the students that law can be a path for them.

Click the “Request Information” button on the website to contact Street Law and get started!

Resources Needed

What Street Law Provides

  • A partner high school

  • A database of sample lesson plans, workshops, and other activities that a legal department or a law firm can run

  • A tested IP-focused lesson plan and workshop is included in the ADAPT materials

  • Any needed support and training for volunteers

What a Company or a Law Firm Will Need to Provide

  • Volunteers!

  • The Street Law program described below needs at least 10-20 volunteers

  • On campus space for a field trip

  • Funding

  • $12k to Street Law in year 1, which offsets Street Law’s support costs

  • $1k/year to Street Law in year 2+

  • $0-$10k to run a Street Law Program

  • The funding is variable depending on the number of students participating in the program

  • Money should be allocated to:

  • Transport for the students, i.e. bus from the school to company or law firm campus

  • Catered breakfast, lunch, and snacks

  • High school students are extremely food motivated and need to be fed a lot

  • Raffle prizes for the students

  • Raffle tickets are a powerful motivator for students and can be given out for participation, such as asking a question to the speaker

  • Laptops are very good raffle prizes - depending on the demographic of the partner high school, the students may not have access to a laptop at home

  • Volunteer gifts (if you have retired judges participating or speakers from different teams)

  • Swag for the students

  • Do not provide tech-related things like USB cables, chargers, etc.; not all students will have the ability to use these things

Sample Street Law Program Over One Week Period

  • 2 classroom sessions for 1 hour each at the high school over 2 days teaching 2 different topics

  • See Doc 1 for sample lesson plans for a single IP-focused classroom session

  • See Doc 2 for an accompanying slide deck that can be used with the IP-focused classroom session

  • 1 field trip to the company or law firm campus

  • See Doc 3 for a sample agenda

  • The company or law firm should plan to host workshops that allow students to practice the concepts that they learned during the classroom sessions

  • The workshops should be mixed in with inspirational speakers, which could include a general counsel, a senior partner or a business client, and career panels

  • The company or law firm should also plan fun events, like a campus tour, lunch at a corporate cafeteria, etc.

  • A raffle during the day is a strong motivator (e.g. you can provide raffle tickets for participation by a student)

  • Materials for a sample workshop session is provided

  • The sample workshop is a mock mediation between an aspiring musician and a diva; the aspiring musician is accusing the diva of copyright infringement

  • Finding a current or retired judge to play the role of mediator is very inspiration to the participants

  • See Doc 4 for the fact pattern that can be provided to both students and volunteers

  • See Docs 5, 6, and 7 for the instructions document that can be provided to volunteers

  • See Doc 8 for the instructions document that can be provided to students

  • See Doc 9 for a sample student survey to collect feedback on the event


Doc # 1

Sample Volunteer Instructions (Classroom Session)

Sample instructions for running a 1 hr lesson on “What is IP?” in a classroom setting. Sample instructions include lesson plans, assignments for volunteers, and suggested timing.

Doc #2

Sample Presentation Materials

Powerpoint/slide presentation that can be used with the Classroom Session. See “Sample Volunteer Instructions” document.

Doc #3

Sample Agenda (On-campus Session)

Sample agenda if volunteers want to run a full day session.

Doc #4

Sample Mediation Order

Fact pattern for mock mediation to be provided to all volunteers and students

Doc #5

Volunteer Instructions for Team Dada

Instructions for volunteers assisting the students representing Dada

Doc #6

Volunteer Instructions for Team Madelynn

Instructions for volunteers assisting the students representing Madelynn

Doc #7

Volunteer Instructions for the Mediator

Instructions for the volunteer playing the mediator

Doc #8

Sample Student Instructions

Instructions for all students participating in the mock mediation

Doc #9

Sample Student Survey

Sample survey for gauging student interest level and feedback in activities

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