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2023-2024 ADAPT Mentorship application is now open! 
If you are a student interested in intellectual property, please apply here to be mentored by professionals from Google, Microsoft, Meta, Disney, Cisco, Uber and many other leading technology companies! 

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An Industry Patent Diversity Equity and Inclusion Collective

We are a collective of corporate legal teams, law firms and industry groups who came together to address: 


How can we scale DEI efforts across the industry in order to build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive profession

Improving access to information,
Creating meaningful connection,
All powered by technology.

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ADAPT works to advance DEI by 

Accessibility to Information.

Scaling DEI efforts across the industry through increased accessibility to resources and information. 

Help the industry jump start DEI efforts by leveraging our database of volunteer and sponsorship opportunities for practitioners looking to join or sponsor an existing effort.

Remove the barriers for creating new DEI programs by releasing member-created templates and resources for launching and running DEI programs.

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Are you at the beginning of your DEI strategy and need a jump start or a roadmap to success?

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Connection to People.

ADAPT provide insights on what the career path of an IP attorney can look like and offer opportunities to meet and connect with experienced patent professionals. 

Our mentors from ADAPT members will connect aspiring patent professionals with the organizations that can support them each step of the way to becoming a patent professional.

2023-2024 ADAPT Mentorship is now open for student application!  Follow the link below for more information and application. 

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Powered by Technology.

Measuring impact of our collective DEI efforts through the power of technology and data. 


ADAPT will standardize DEI reporting so that DEI statistics can be reported in a meaningful way to measure impact. 

To continue the Journey, we are working towards tracking and publishing DEI statistics over time so there is transparency as to the impact of our collective DEI efforts. 

Finally, we will be applying data science to derive insights on DEI issues and to identify potential solutions.

We will open source all data and methodology to the entire community.

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"We have a duty as an IP profession to meaningfully represent experiences and viewpoints as diverse as the society in which we live. This is what brings out the best in us, and is the right thing to do. ADAPT can help amplify the experiences we represent in our profession, leaving no company—and no underrepresented voices—behind. The time to advance change is now."


Mike Lee

Director, Head of Patents at Google

Founding Members

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Our Journey is just starting.

Whether you are a law firm, in-house department of any size, academics or students, join us to advance diversity across patent teams.

Learn more about joining Team ADAPT.

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