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Uber-Dority Diverse Scholars Program

Dority & Manning


Erik K. Sivertson

Active Location

Greenville, SC

Post-College, Law School
Type of Programs
Internship, Mentorship, Classroom

The Dority & Uber Diverse Scholars Program is designed to provide historically underrepresented 1L students with an opportunity for unique exposure to the field of intellectual property law. The program provides insight into two key roles within the IP field: In-house counsel (Uber) and private practice (Dority & Manning). Through intentional programming including hands-on training, engaging lectures and discussions, and fun events, students will have the opportunity to build relationships and gain practical experience.

Template or Direct Join

Small Team Friendly

Team Size

High team involvement yields better results. Two mentors are required for daily/weekly collaboration.

Time Commitment

40 hrs/week for intern; 2-8 hrs/week per mentor min (depending on in-house or OC role)


Budget to compensate law students

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