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RISE LaunchGVL Partnership

Dority & Manning


Neil Batavia

Active Location

No Restriction

High School
Type of Programs
Mentorship, Classroom, Internship

D&M partners with LaunchGVL to provide an internship program for public high schools to offer semester‐long internships for underrepresented students to explore intellectual property law and consider STEAM education paths.

Template or Direct Join

Small Team Friendly

Team Size

High team involvement yields better results. Two mentors are required for daily/weekly collaboration.

Time Commitment

1.5 hrs/week per mentor


Budget to pay high school students

Dority & Manning's RISE program is a multi-faceted program aimed at bolstering diversity, equity, and inclusion inside and outside of our Firm. The RISE acronym refers to the pillars of our programs, Recruiting, Retention, Internal Education, Sustainability & Accountability, and External Engagement.


 One of the ways we aim to increase diversity is through our education initiatives. While summer programs for law students and lateral training initiatives help support individuals already in the

 field (or well on their way), educational initiatives at the undergraduate or high-school level reach students who may not have a clear path into IP and allow us to educate students on the possibilities within STEAM fields. 

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