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Kayla Allen

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Houston, TX
Akron, OH

College, Post-College
Type of Programs


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Small Team Friendly

Team Size

2 to 5 interns are hired for the internship per summer; some may receive offers of employment to follow after the internship

Time Commitment

6 weeks



"Vorys SAPA Internship Program provides a short-term opportunity for students to learn more about IP careers, including the basics of patent prosecution, and allows students to evaluate if an IP career is of interest to them while the firm assesses their aptitude for the career. Our SAPA interns gain in-depth training in our Patent AcademyTM. They work on actual cases in concert with a patent attorney or patent agent, thereby gaining direct insight on the day-to-day activities of an IP professional. Our interns receive hands-on mentoring to help them reach their career goals and have a lot of fun in our various social events."
-Dr. Tom Thrash, Patent Agent and Program Coordinator 2023

The SAPA Internship Program is a paid, six-week internship where candidates participate in the Vorys Patent AcademyTM training program in addition to handling real-world prosecution projects with feedback, and the opportunity to interact at social events with Vorys’ summer associates and lawyers. The Patent AcademyTM will include topics such as the patenting process, claim terminology and scope, novelty and obviousness requirements, 112 requirements, reading and understanding of office actions and cited art and office action response drafting. Participants will also receive training in claim and application drafting.

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