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Vorys Scientific Advisor and Patent Agent (SAPA) Initiative - Career Deep-Dive Bootcamp

Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP


Kayla Allen

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Post-College, College
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Average number of participants 10-15

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15 hours



"Vorys Patent Deep-Dive Bootcamp offers a unique opportunity for STEM students to explore alternative career paths and to learn more about IP careers, including the basics of patent prosecution, and allows students to evaluate if IP is of interest to them. They get hands-on drafting experience to help them make an educated decision about this career path."
-Dr. Tom Thrash, Patent Agent and Program Coordinator 2023

Our SAPA Career Deep-Dive Bootcamp provides an introduction to intellectual property (IP) as well in-depth instruction in the patent prosecution process. More specifically, the Deep-Dive Bootcamp consists of four, half-day sessions covering topics including an introduction to intellectual property (IP) careers, an overview of the patenting process, parts of a patent and a brief introduction to patent law. The Deep-Dive Bootcamp emphasizes some of the writing requirements and deductive reasoning skills utilized in a patent agent’s day-to-day patent practice and includes prosecution case studies. A Certificate of Completion is available to those who complete the independent project.

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